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Welcome To The Library

You have a desire to learn Astrology and develop a deeper understanding of cycles of time and your place within the Universe.  Welcome - you have found your way to the Library of Hestia's Muse!  

This page will constantly be growing and changing as I add new things - check back often for updates like new classes being offered, workshops, articles, book reviews and more!

 Classes or Workshops

Astrology Basics - Archetype Alignment Series
Purchase past classes $14 each

All 12 of the Archetypes of Astrology classes were recorded by Seattle Psychics Association in 2022 and available to purchase.  Get the recordings! $14 per session.

email to pay and request your copy of any of these pre-recorded classes.

Ask about getting Two for $25 or the package of all 12 classes for $150


I'm going to Spring Mysteries Festival 2024!

At this Festival, among all the other amazing Rituals and Workshops, I will be offering a workshop about using astrology in your daily life.  This workshop is included in the cost of registration for the festival!

Register Now!

use code EVERGREEN for 10% off your Registration!

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