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F is for Fixed

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Continuing with my Astrology A-Z series, we are now at letter F.

F is for Fixed

"Fixed Signs" relates to Modality - there are three class divisions of signs known as "modes" or "modality" (also sometimes referred to as "Qualities"); they are Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable. For a greater understanding of this, please also read my previous post - C IS FOR CARDINAL

When the Wheel is divided into four equal quarters, and you apply one season to each quarter - the Cardinal signs mark the beginning of the season, the Fixed signs mark the middle of the season, and the Mutable signs mark the end of the season. Acknowledging that where you are on the globe along with climate change; the weather patterns might not line up exactly with these seasons - but these are the "Astrological Seasons". However, understanding the nature of "Beginning, Middle, and Ending" will help you understand the nature of the Modalities.

Taurus - Fixed Earth - Middle of Spring Leo - Fixed Fire - Middle of Summer Scorpio - Fixed Water - Middle of Fall Aquarius - Fixed Air - Middle of Winter

With the Fixed Signs representing the Middle of a Season - we find that Season is stabilized and "fully rooted". The middle of Summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) is Leo Season - with the Sun as Leo's ruler this time of year is ruled by the Sun - it is commonly a Hot and Dry time of the year. The Middle of Fall is related to Scorpio - a Water Sign - and commonly a time when the rains begin, and we witness the cycle of decomposition as the leaves fall from trees and begin to decompose into the earth.

One could say that the Fixed signs are the best at expressing their Element, since they express this element in the most solid, concentrated, and focused way. Thus the Fixed signs are associated with personality traits or expressions of stubbornness and determination - but each expressed through it's own Element. Stubbornness of Earth energy may express quite differently than stubbornness of Fire energy etc. The Fixed Signs are accumulative by nature, collecting and containing energy and stabilizing it or solidifying it.

If a person has planets in Fixed signs in their Birth Chart, those planets will often express themselves in a very solid, concentrated matter.

Fixed Squares & Oppositions Square Aspects occur when two planets 90° away from each other. If the wheel (360° ) is divided into four quadrants, each quadrant has 90° in it, so the Fixed signs all form either Squares or Oppositions to each other. (Oppositions are aspects of planets that are 180° apart - opposite sides of the wheel)

Squares are traditionally seen as "hard" or challenging aspects - the planets involved have some kind of tension or friction between them that creates discomfort. However, this discomfort is what urges us to take action to make change or improve our life situations. Fixed Sign Squares involve two planets that are operating from very solid, stubborn, resolute points in the chart, so it can be difficult for these parts of the self to integrate or find compromise. Taurus squares Leo and Aquarius Leo squares Taurus and Scorpio Scorpio squares Leo and Aquarius Aquarius squares Taurus and Scorpio

Opposition aspects can be challenging as well - but they also bring an opportunity for balance and integration. The Fixed Oppositions are Taurus & Scorpio and Leo & Aquarius. The Fixed Axis of Taurus and Scorpio is the Axis of Power and Value - hashing out the different types of Power that come from different sets of Values. The Fixed Axis of Leo and Aquarius is the Axis of Creativity and Expression - here we learn to balance between Individual expression vs Group Expression and find Creativity important on both sides.

Succedent Houses

Fixed energy is also found in the Succedent Houses. These are Houses 2, 5, 8 and 11. The Succedent Houses deal with Stability found in a variety of different resources, and planets in these houses will be more stubborn and resistant to change - similar to planets in fixed signs.

Personal Chart Exploration: What planets do you have in Fixed Signs? Do you have planets in Fixed signs that are Squaring or in Opposition to each other? What planets do you have in Succedent Houses? Can you feel how those planets carry some Fixed energy influence even if the sign is not Fixed?


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