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EMail me to order a reading for yourself or for a loved one!  Types of readings listed below! 

Most people know their Sun Sign and might know their Moon Sign and Ascendant — but do you want to know more?  Do you feel curious about what all of this means for you? In understanding the energies present in the cosmos on the day of your birth, you get a much clearer picture of who you are. What kinds of challenges might you face in this lifetime, and what are your strengths?  How do you actualize your soul’s purpose and deepest desire in this incarnation? By looking at your natal chart together, I can help you answer these questions and more!

Trained in Evolutionary Astrology, a form of chart interpretation formed by Jeffrey Wolf Green, I help people understand the meaning of the planets and their positions throughout their natal charts through a live video chat session.

With so much to explore in one person’s natal chart beyond the Sun, Moon and Ascendant, I love to leap in and analyze this with you to see what we can discover together!  Understanding your natal chart can help identify certain patterns in your life and the lessons you incarnate to learn. Most people feel a natal chart reading helps bring a sense of confirmation to their lives, which can guide them on paths of positive change to face challenges as opportunities with a greater feeling of authentic confidence and clarity.

1 Hour General Natal Chart Reading - $80

A look at your Full natal chart.  Astrological Guidance through an intuitive Spiritual Coaching Session - this General Reading could explore many parts of your chart or focus deeply on one part of your chart.  Ideal reading for those who are new to Astrology and just want to get more familiar with their Natal chart and what it means.  This session can also be great for someone with familiarity of their chart who is looking to go a bit deeper with a certain planet or is looking for specific advice to move forward in life.

Add a Written Report +$25 


Evolutionary Astrology Reading - $80
This reading will focus on Pluto and the North and South Nodes of the Moon as a way of exploring the key concepts of your Life Purpose.  Examine the axis of your North and South Node as a critical area of life that needs balance and integration in this lifetime, and Pluto as a key to some Shadow Work that will help you transform and embrace your true power for this lifetime.

Add a Written Report +$25 

Birthday Reading - Solar Return $80

A look at the year ahead (starting on your most recent birthday).  Your Profection House and Planet of the Year give guidance as to what to focus on and be aware of in the year ahead, and your Solar Return chart gives some insight into the types of lessons and energies you may encounter.

Add a Written Report +$25 

 Transit Reading - $71
A look at upcoming Transits and how they might impact you.  Best if you already have some familiarity with your Natal Chart and are looking for some help in planning for a time period in the future.  Great for Goal Setting and using Astrological Timing to know what to be aware of and where to focus your energy.  
This can include a reading focused on your Saturn Return.
Add a Written Report +$25 
(See my Patreon for Monthly Subscription that includes a Monthly Transit Reading at a discounted price!)


General Chart Reading PLUS Transit Reading - $125

A Combination of the 1 Hour General Chart reading plus a Transit Reading, looking ahead to certain months or days in the next 6 months for Goal Setting and Astrological Timing or lessons to be aware of. (1.5 hour session)






Important Notes on Scheduling a Reading

- Please Schedule your session at least 48 hours in advance.  Payment expected in Full at least 24 hours before session.


- You will need your birthday, birth time, and birth location for an accurate reading.  If you do not know your birth time, I can still do a limited general reading, but I will not do transits or Solar Return readings. 

- If you need to reschedule a reading, please let me know in advance.  Refunds will be given only if we cannot find an ideal time to reschedule.

- No Refunds are offered after a session has concluded. 

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