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G is for Galactic Center

Continuing with the Astrology A-Z series, we are now at Letter G!

Galactic Center: The center of our Galaxy, the Milky Way, currently located at Sag 27°00'. This point, predicted in 1918 and discovered in 1932, is a gigantic radio source (called Sagittarius A) surrounding what is thought to be a supermassive black hole (Sagittarius A*) with the mass of some four million times that of our own Sun. It has a significant effect when aspected by personal planets in the birth chart, inclining people to take a central role in life and to have a sense of cosmic destiny. Since we all have the Galactic Center in the same sign and degree in our charts, it is usually interpreted based on what house it is in an any aspects it makes to other planets. Most astrologers look at the Galactic Center as an indication of how you align with Cosmic Forces and what relation you have with a Universal search for Truth, Justice, and Wisdom.

Since the Galactic Center is center of our Galaxy - it is akin to "the source of all matter" and probably the central point of The Big Bang. So this point can be seen as "The Source", some might even call it God (or the Home of The Gods). Sagittarius is related to Wisdom, Understanding, and Justice - ruled by Jupiter who is named after the Roman counterpart of the Greek god Zeus - King of the Gods. Personally, I sometimes imagine the Galactic Center as Olympus - home of the Gods from where Zeus rules and sends out his judgements. A Harmonious aspect to The Galactic Center (Trines and Conjunctions) will thus show a planet that is connected to Cosmic Source or "the will of the Gods". A Challenging aspect (Oppositions and squares) will show a planet that is at odds with the Cosmic Source, or struggles in some way with feeling aligned with Cosmic Forces.

Aspected Points to the Galactic Center: I would personally allow no more than a 5 degree orb for an aspect to the Galactic Center to have much influence. (So, the area of 22° Sagittarius to 2° Capricorn) Generally I would look to the Inner planets to have the most profound effect. Outer planets still have relevance but this will be a generational impact and have personal relevance related to the Houses of the planets involved. Conjunction - a planet within 5 degrees of 27° Sagittarius Opposition - a planet within 5 degrees of 27° Gemini Square - a planet within 5 degrees of 27° Virgo or Pisces Trine - a planet within 5 degrees of 27° Aries or Leo

Do you have any planets in your chart that aspect The Galactic Center?

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