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Personal Transits Reading

SALE! $60

Limited Time Offer

Pluto is beginning a new cycle as it enters Aquarius in 2024!

This is the beginning of a new phase which will last for the next 20 years!

Pluto is generational and we all feel this influence, but some people will notice the influence of Pluto more directly than others.

You can get a personal chart reading to talk about this Pluto transit and how it might manifest in your life.

What House will it be in and how can you intentionally connect with that energy to bring change and transformation?

What planets in your birth chart will be aspected by Pluto over the next 20 years? Specifically, people with personal planets in the FIXED Zodiac signs, Pluto has some personal business with you! 

And what part of your personal Pluto cycle are you in? Pluto in Scorpio generation, are you prepared for your Pluto square Pluto? 


Available Now!  Purchase the 3 month planner or 1 month at a time!

A Digital .pdf Planner and Journal that you can print or use as a guide for your existing Journal or Planner!  This is a 3 month calendar and planner that is based on LUNAR MONTHS - starting with the New Moon and ending with the Dark Waning Moon.  This 3 Month Lunar Guide will help you set intentions with each new Moon, and check in with your goals and progress through each Lunar Phase through the months.  Featuring pages for Tarot Readings, Astrological Intention Setting Worksheets, Weekly Planners, Habit Tracking, and Astrological Updates!  This Journal and Planner is intended for use from December 13, 2023 through March 8, 2024.

You can Purchase the .pdf from my Patreon Store. OR - get yours FREE if you are a Member of my Patreon at the $10/month tier or higher!

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