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Mercury Retrograde Reading -
only $33!

Specialized Transit Reading to focus on the Capricorn Mercury Retrograde of Dec 29, 2022 - January 17, 2023.  We will look at your birth chart plus transits to see how this Mercury Retrograde will likely show up in your life.  With advice for how to prepare and how to make the most of this transit.  30 to 45 minute live video chat reading.  

Booking open Dec 1 - Dec 28
Schedule your Mercury Retrograde Reading NOW!

email me to book this reading!

1 Hour General Natal Chart Reading 


JUST $54 if you schedule before Jan 1

A look at your Full natal chart.  Astrological Guidance through an intuitive Spiritual Coaching Session - this General Reading could explore many parts of your chart or focus deeply on one part of your chart.  Ideal reading for those who are new to Astrology and just want to get more familiar with their Natal chart and what it means.  This session can also be great for someone with familiarity of their chart who is looking to go a bit deeper with a certain planet or is looking for specific advice to move forward in life.

For Special Price you must order, schedule, and pay for the reading by Jan 1, 2023.  The reading can be scheduled to occur any time after you order, even after Jan 1.



You can order an Astrology Reading for a Loved One or a Friend!  Give the gift of Astrology for the holidays, birthday, or any time of year.

Just email me and let me know the reading your would like to purchase and provide an email address where I can send the Digital Gift Certificate!  The recipient will need to schedule the reading at their convenience.  

email to order!

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