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Hestia Devotional

Monthly newsletter at every New Moon including a devotional ritual to Hestia, inspiration for Blessing Your Home, and a Herbal Healing Oracle card message of the month.  Includes exclusive blog posts related to the Astrology of Asteroids Hestia and Vesta.
  Plus - access to the Lunar Living Tier benefits; a monthly Lunar Calendar and Guidebook, with regular blog posts about the moon's phase and signs.

This Patreon Membership tier is designed to inspire you and remind you to work with Hestia each month through self care, home blessings, and Lunar Living.

ONLY $12/month


Mini Devotional Course

After many years studying and working with Hestia personally, I have created this 27 page booklet and self-paced course to help your learning and devotion process become easier and more focused.  

You will learn the mythology of Hestia and her Roman counterpart Vesta, symbology of Hestia, and how to work with Her in your daily modern life.  You will also receive a collection of rituals and prayers to Hestia and access to a private facebook group where you can meet others who are working with Hestia.  Send an email to order this book and e-course for just $15


Hestia and vesta astrology reading - $44

Mini Focused Astrological Reading - discover how you personally connect and relate to the Goddess Hestia.  This Reading includes a look at the Asteroid Vesta, Asteroid Hestia, The Virgo section of your chart as well as your 6th House (The House of Health and Service).  Email me to schedule this reading.

Package Deal -
discount for Patreon subscribers

Subscribe to the Hestia Devotional Patreon Tier or higher - and you can purchase BOTH the Hestia Astrology Reading and The Mini Devotional Course for just $49   (a $10 discount from the usual $59 combined price)

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