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Lilliana Blackstar is a practitioner and student of metaphysical and esoteric topics for 20 years and finds great joy in sharing and discussing spiritual topics with others.  As an Astrologer, Tarot Card Reader, and Reiki Master, Lilliana has discovered a passion for helping others. Lilliana has studied Evolutionary Astrology and especially loves teaching others through mentorship and Astrology Workshops.  A Senior at Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary, Lilliana is earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Wiccan Ministry and is also a Dedicant of The Ever Green Hearth where she in training to become a Priestess in the WISE Tradition of Wicca. She is also a Certified Member of the Seattle Psychics Association.  Lilliana has lived in the Pacific Northwest since 2014 and is also passionate about community, sustainable living, and natural building.

Lilliana Blackstar, Astrologer, Hestia's Muse

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Luna Eclypse

Lilliana is a very accurate and intuitive astrologer who weaves the Mythos and celestial interactions of the stars into empowering messages of light for ones life. As if allowing the stars themselves to light a path in the birthchart for guidance and empowerment, she is able to help one see the patterns and hurdles they face and ways to overcome them, giving timely stories and advice from the stars.

~ Luna Eclypse  Luna's House of Tea and Tarot, Founder of Metaphysical Market Seattle


Helen Faith Drummond

"Some might ask why I would seek out a reading when I am already a seasoned working astrologer and soul-purpose activator. This is easy to answer. We all need a midwife when the birth looks to be tricky. And Lilliana Blackstar by reason of personal study, practice, talent, intention and training was the one I chose to help me with a specific piece of a shadow journey. No big transformation happens with out looking into what we might call the dark of the unknown. And she has tools and confidence in abundance to help people journey to the medicine and riches of our own apparent shadow. I don’t hesitate to recommend her reading session as an aide to making your path map. Thank you, and many blessings."

~ Helen Faith Drummond; Astrologer and Intuitive Healer at The Bridge Guide UK


Philippa Proud

"I received a beautiful card reading from Lilliana.

It was the perfect information I needed, and it resonated deeply with me.

She clearly gave me the card reading meaning & interpretation, including a prayer & meditation.

I am grateful for her knowledge & insight.  I feel she is a wealth of knowledge but she made me feel special with my reading;  the care & attention she gave I am grateful for.”

~ Philippa, South Australia



"Lilliana is such an amazing person! She helped explain astrology to me and gave me an amazing reading. I was able to learn more about myself and get ideas on what to dive deeper in on my own to discover more about myself. I look forward to the continued guidance and help I'll receive from her on my journey"

~ Alyssa, Fort-Worth TX



“I attended Lilliana's astrology workshop at Hekate's Sickle Festival 2019,  I was always confused on several aspects throughout the years. Lilliana was able to help me explore astrology in an easily understood explanation of the different facets.  She took the time to clear up any confusion in a non-intimidating manner. I would take another workshop of Lilliana's in a heartbeat. I believe she should do a whole weekend workshop where she can help us delve deep into our own personal information.  Lilliana is such a warm loving person and makes you feel unconditionally accepted.”

~ Angela, Snohomish WA

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