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Vesta in Cancer - Devotion to Emotion

"I am open to the notion that emotion is devotion

and everything I feel in every moment is Divine. And in the sanctuary of this moment I am safe and held,

in the sanctuary of this body I am home."

~ Ari Moshe Wolf, "Emotion is Devotion"

( from the album Freedom Is My Holy Name, available on BandCamp - )

As I was meditating on the asteroid Vesta moving through the sign of Cancer, I remembered this song by my friend and astrology mentor, Ari. What a perfect song to express the energy of Vesta - asteroid of Devotion, moving through the sign of Cancer!

The asteroid Vesta is named for the Roman Goddess of the Home and Hearth Fire. The asteroid represents a place of devotion and dedication in the chart - it is where we are tending an inner Sacred Fire. Fire needs tending, care, and mindfulness so that it doesn't burn out; or burn too hot and get out of control. When it is well tended, the Sacred Hearth Fire provides warmth, light, comfort, and and a place to make offerings to the gods as well as to cook the nourishing foods we need to survive.

Vesta has been in the sign of Cancer since June 3, 2020 and will finish her journey through the sign of Home, Mothering, and Nurturing on August 11 when she moves into Leo. She is currently reaching the mid-point of her journey through Cancer, and was in harmonious conjunction with the Sun at the time of the lunar eclipse on July 4th. The sign of Cancer is the sign of emotions and a desire to be nurtured, cared for, and appreciated. Cancer also brings empathy and compassion for others, but as a sign of emotions and the Heart Chakra, we also know that deep love can be potentially very rewarding, OR very painful if it is not tended to properly.

Asteroid Vesta represents a sense of Sacred Devotion to a cause, she is the Keeper of The Sacred Fire; a Goddess who sacrificed her own personal needs or desires to be the Keeper of the Flame and maintain the fire that brings comfort, purity, and order to the world. Vesta's placement in our birth chart can show us a great deal about what we are devoted to, how we sacrifice ourselves for this devotion, and what energy we bring to the Sacred Fires of community and home. There can also be a great deal of inspiration and direction gleaned from watching the transits of Vesta; what influence does the Goddess of The Hearth Fire bring into our lives as she moves around the zodiac?

As Vesta has moved through Cancer, there has been a call for us to tend the sacred fire of our emotions. I have been reminded of the importance of self-care practices for my physical and mental health, and I have seen lots of references to this on social media as well. With Vesta's Sacred Fire in the sign of Cancer it is a good time to examine how we tend to our emotional needs and responses. There is a need for balance (as with all things) because emotions can run hot or cold, and adults need to properly manage their emotional states and responses. Currently, our world is in a state of ongoing crisis - from the pandemic, to civil unrest and political upheaval worldwide - it is easy to feel emotionally overwhelmed with day to day life. A lot of us don't know the tools or methods to help us deal with ongoing emotional crisis, and that has made this year incredibly difficult for so many people. Without balance, it seems like the only choices are; to be in a constant state of emotional distress, or to disconnect from the feelings altogether.

Vesta in Cancer offers a different way. She says that your emotions - your heart - are Sacred and Divine. All the emotions, not just the tender sweet ones - but the anger and frustration too - are Sacred. All these feelings just need acknowledgement and tending to, in the same way that a fire can be a source of comfort or a source of destruction - Vesta asks you to simply mindfully watch over that fire. Be aware of what you are feeding the fire. When does it need more wood because it is dying down and cooling? These are times the fire might need coaxing - a little poke here and there and some energy & fuel sent to enliven it and stoke the coals. When it is burning too hot, there's not much to do but wait and let it burn down, attempting to safely control it and not add more fuel until it has settled.

Vesta's advice: Tend to your home - creating a sanctuary for yourself to feel all the beautiful feelings that arise. Give yourself permission to feel those emotions. Identify them, acknowledge them, observe the type of "fire" that they create. Find ways to increase your feelings of safety and comfort, and outlets for the times you do not feel safe and comforted. Find ways to do small acts of service for others - even just reaching out with loving words to a friend can be a powerful act of service. You are learning and growing, becoming more resilient AND more tender, and ALL your emotions are sacred.

"I am open to the notion that emotion is devotion

and everything I feel in every moment is Divine. And in the sanctuary of this moment I am safe and held,

in the sanctuary of this body I am home."

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