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Hestia and Vesta Devotion Course

After working personally with Hestia/Vesta for many years, She had a task for me one day in meditation.  "Teach others about Me." she said softly and gently.  "Who, me?" I asked (not my best moment, I'll admit).  But she persisted in bringing this task to my heart & mind and I realized The Goddess of Service is calling me to Service.  How could I refuse?

I have complied here a simple online course for anyone who is interested in getting to know the Goddess Hestia better.  Including the stories of Hestia found in Myth and Legend (as well as her Roman conterpart, Vesta), Her Lessons and Mysteries, Rituals and simple ways to work with Her on a personal level.  Hestia can guide you to make any part of your life a Devotional practice such as: Sacred Housekeeping, Sacred Fire Tending, Holding Space, Cooking and Serving Others, and even Sacred Sexuality.


The course also includes a personalized Astrology reading and an attunement to an Energy Healing system called "The Gems of Hestia and Vesta".  This is not an official Dedication course or Initiation rite, though I do include information and a ritual for those who wish to Dedicate themselves to Hestia after completing this course. This course is also more suited for those who are already familiar with basic concepts of Witchcraft - practicing Ritual and working with Deity - (though those are not requirements ) and those who identify as Witches, Pagans, or Occult Practitioners.  

Enroll Now - $67

Registration is Open!  This is a self-paced online course. When you enroll you will receive


  • an email with the 30 page manual written by me

  • the manual for the energy healing system known as "The Gems of Hestia and Vesta" (similar to Reiki)

  • Membership in the private facebook group for discussion with others as you learn

  • Your attunement  & Certificate to the Gems of Hestia and Vesta (to be scheduled once you feel ready)

  • An astrology reading focusing on the aspects of your chart that relate to Hestia (Where is the Asteroid Vesta?  What planets do you have in the sign of Virgo?  What sign and planets do you have in the 6th House of Service and Health?)

  • Continued email support from me

I greatly look forward to working with you as you explore working with the Goddess of Service and Devotion!

Ready to sign up?  Email me at with "Hestia Devotion Course" as the subject line.  I will send you a paypal invoice and once payment is received, you'll be enrolled and ready to begin!

* A note on prices

It is very important to me that this course is accessible to anyone, regardless of income.  If you find that this price is an obstacle to you, please apply for a scholarship or discount HERE.