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Clutter as a Block to Spiritual Flow

I'll admit it - like many people, clutter is a problem for me.  Last year I moved, and many of my belongings are still in boxes. Sharing a home with others, it can seem like clutter is a constant battle.  Things just seem to accumulate.  Yes, a lot of things are useful, helpful, convenient to have.  But it's amazing how things just add up, multiply, pile up, and become a mess. 

I've realized and accepted long ago that clutter can be a source of stress in any environment.  Have you noticed that after you clean up a certain room, the energy in that space will just feel better?  Clearer.  Like you can breathe easier and just relax better?  That's because everything has an energy to it.  Just like your crystals and gemstones or magickal tools carry a certain vibration, so does everything else in your home.  When you enter a room, you will pick up these subtle vibrations and it will immediately effect how you feel.

With the Sun in Virgo, I feel the drive and longing to get my household in order. I want to get organized. I want everything in it's proper place, easy to find - and less "stuff" around me in general. Virgo is the Mutable Earth sign of the Zodiac - ruled by Mercury and the 6th House of Health & Service. Mutable Earth is willing to change and move things around in the physical environment in ways that Fixed Earth (Taurus) might not be as open to, and the analytical thoughtful mind of Mercury as the ruler here brings in the critical nature that will allow us to re-think and re-design our home or office to be more functional.

The polarity-point or balancing point of Virgo in the zodiac wheel is Pisces. When Virgo is too critical and analytical, it needs the faith and non-attachment of Pisces. When Pisces is too aloof or caught up in escapism, it needs the focus and realistic nature of Virgo. I find this relevant now as I am writing this under the Pisces full moon and thinking both about getting rid of clutter (Virgo) and creating Sacred Space in my home (Pisces).

We all have heard of having a "Sacred Space" in our home... it may be an altar, a meditation area, a yoga room, etc.  It is good to have a place devoted to a spiritual practice; a place that you go just for meditation or prayer.  If we use the same space repeatedly for that purpose, and keep it clear of clutter and decorate it with things that bring us peace - it becomes a Sacred Space and will amplify our ability to meditate, pray, or focus on spiritual matters in that area.  But really, why keep it to just one part of our home?  Shouldn't our entire home be a place of spiritual respite?  We should be able to feel safe, relaxed, and spiritually fulfilled no matter what part of our home we are in!

Make Your Clutter Clearing into a Spiritual Experience

I find that usually when I'm inspired to start getting rid of clutter in my home (again) it usually coincides with an internal need to remove blocks and move forward.  As I work on the physical clutter, I experience the removal of internal blocks.  It can be a powerful time of personal healing, and a wonderful "active meditation" that serves a dual purpose of healing my home and my inner being.  As I approach an area or task, it helps me to call upon Goddess to help me make the act of cleaning into a spiritual practice.  Keeping a mindful awareness is key.  You'll have to ask yourself as you pick up each item; what purpose does this serve?  What energy do I feel when I see or touch this item?  Have I used it in the last 6 months?  Does it remind me of a person or a time in my life - and does that memory trigger positive feelings or negative ones?  If I keep it, is there a better place to keep it?

It can be easy to get overwhelmed in this process!  Try to break down each room into smaller areas and just focus on one area at a time.  Pick something you can complete in one hour or less.  So instead of thinking "I need to clear the clutter out of my bedroom closet", make a goal of one box or shelf in that closet.

Before you begin, set your intention.  You might want to light a candle and say a prayer or affirmation before you begin.  You can call upon a specific Deity to help you with the process.  There are many household Deities who love to help you do anything that blesses your home.  You can devote your work into an offering to them, or just ask them to assist you with your goal.    You may want to research some household Deities to see which you are called to work with (or just try working with the Deities you already work with for spiritual purposes).  You might find you're called to work with a different Deity for a different room or part of the home depending on the type of energy in that space or what you want to attract to that space. 

A short list of Household/Hearth Deities;

  • Hestia (Greek Goddess of the Hearth & Home)

  • Vesta (Roman Goddess of Hearth)

  • Brigid (Celtic/Irish Goddess of the Home)

  • Tsao Wang (Chinese God of the Home & Kitchen)

  • Kamui-fuchi (Japanese Goddess of the Hearth)

  • Kamado-no-kami (Japanese God of the Kitchen)

  • Gabija (Lithuanian Goddess of home protection)

  • Ertha (Domestic Deity of Norns / Northern Europe)

  • Frigga (Norse Goddess of Domestic Life and Household management)

  • Bes (Egyptian God of Household protection)

  • Artemis (Greek Goddess - protection, goal setting, manifestation)

  • Kuan Yin (Chinese Goddess of Compassion & Protection - especially for Mothers & Children)

  • Lakshmi (Hindu Goddess of Blessings and Abundance)

Archangels that can be called upon to help with Space Clearing

  • Jophiel - "Beauty of God" - helps to beautify space, clears away negativity to help us see beauty in all things, supporter of artists.

  • Michael - "Warrior of God" - protects lightworkers from lower energies - will help protect the home and escort away any negative energy.

  • Raphael  - "Healer of God" - heals physical and emotional pains and ailments, also helps remove negative energies to promote healing in that area

"Archangel Jophiel" from The Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Message from Archangel Jophiel ; "Your home and work environments affect you on many levels. Clutter can erode your energy, creativity, and prosperity. I'll help you find the time and motivation to clear interferences from your physical environment. Together, we'll release anything thats not serving you. We'll donate, recycle, or discard unused items. We'll open the windows to circulate fresh air in the rooms. And I'll escort lower energies away. You'll notice huge improvements in all areas of your life as a result of this endeavor."

Are you feeling drawn to remove clutter and create more sacred space in your home? No matter what time of year it is when you discover this post, the balancing point between Virgo and Pisces is a great one to tap into for this process! And if you're really drawn to work more closely with Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth & Home, I invite you to come check out the Hestia & Vesta Devotion Course!

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