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Mars in Taurus: Energy and Advice for June 8 - July 20

Mars entered the sign of Taurus on June 8, 2024

Mars will transit through Taurus for about 6 weeks, leaving the sign on July 20, 2024

Taurus is a Receptive Fixed Earth sign, ruled by Venus. The archetype of Taurus relates to sensuality, physical enjoyment and pleasure, and the preservation or stabilization of access to pleasure. Taurus relates to stability and security - and the drive to work hard so we can have continued stable access to the resources which support our survival - and our pleasure.

Mars is a planet of Action and Passion - competitive, aggressive, protective, and motivated. Mars rules over Aries and Scorpio, and it is exalted in Capricorn; in these signs we can understand that there is some benefit to the competitive, motivated, courageous energy, and often even a benefit to the aggression or combativeness that Mars brings to the picture. Mars is hot, sharp, and fast - and like any tools we use, the benefit is best when we wield those tools safely. No matter what sign Mars is in, we want to apply caution when applying this energy. We need proper training to learn to use weapons and tools, and we need some mindfulness and emotional regulation skills to help us best utilize the blessings of Mars.Mars is in detriment in Taurus - the sign that is opposite to its Domicile in Scorpio. A planet in detriment has less ease in expressing itself - it is as if it is in a foreign land where no one is speaking the same language and the customs are unfamiliar.

While in the sign of Aries, Scorpio, or Capricorn, the natural traits of Mars are appreciated - and even celebrated. But here, in the realm of Venus, these natural traits of Mars are frowned upon, discouraged, and even forbidden. Taurus doesn't want conflict or battle, because these do not bring pleasure and comfort. Taurus craves stability, and Mars is active, quick moving, loud and disruptive. It's quite literally like the bull in the china shop; Mars is better at being destructive and isn't really great at handling the delicate keepsakes that have been carefully kept safe for decades! Some things need the softer touch of Venus!

This is not to say that Mars' presence in Taurus will be completely negative. There are benefits to be found by bringing this action and passion of Mars to the realm of Taurus. The stability that Taurus craves does require some hard work - and this requires energy, passion, and motivation. In fact, the drive and motivation of Mars is something that sometimes Taurus energy can be lacking, so the presence of Mars in this sign can help give a much needed push to the big projects that we have been procrastinating or avoiding. Mars is not afraid of a challenge - in fact it loves a challenge, so if we can intentionally direct that competitive and aggressive nature towards our most daunting tasks, there can be great benefit!You will need to remind yourself to rest and take breaks for self care, because Mars in Taurus can become so focused on finishing the job that you lose sight of all else. Mars can be a bit single-minded when there is a challenge set out before it, but Taurus understands the concept of "Slow and Steady Wins The Race". Mars in Taurus is great for stamina and drive for the long term projects, as long as you remember to take care of your basic needs so that you don't hit burn out or over-exert yourself.

Other Challenges:

Mars Square Pluto

Immediately when Mars enters Taurus it will be in a Square aspect with Pluto in Aquarius. Mars transits relate to our ambitions, our drive and motivation, and what we are feeling defensive or protective of in our lives. Pluto transits relate to Power, Intensity, Obsession, Underworld Journeys, Shadow Work, and Transformation. When Mars and Pluto connect through a square aspect, there is likely to be some kind of power struggle or power imbalance that seems to require a battle or a fight to restore appropriate power. If there are power imbalances in your life or issues related to control or dominance, the Mars-Pluto square will likely force some kind of confrontation.

Pluto's connection with Mars can also bring intensify and amplify the ambition of Mars. Pluto is an amplifier and the determination of Mars can be turned all the way up to 10 - which can be problematic if not managed appropriately. Remain mindful that this ambition can turn into obsession with winning, compulsiveness, and being overly-competitive. While winning is great, be mindful of the long term cost of being overly ambitious - it will be lonely in first place if you have lost all your friends and self-respect along the way.

This aspect will be especially strong from June 8 - 12, but the influence may be felt all the way through June 24.

Mars Conjunct Uranus

Toward the end of Mars' journey through Taurus, it will come into conjunction with Uranus. This will be especially strong for the last 10 days of Mars in Taurus, July 10 - 20 (but this influence of Mars joining Uranus might be noticed as early as July 1)

Uranus is a planet of innovation, unexpected changes, and breaking free from expectation. As such, Uranus transits are often unpredictable, as they bring unexpected events or unusual occurrences. When combined with the energy of Mars, these unexpected events can also be related to violence, aggression, accidents, anger, warfare, or themes of ambition, high energy, and motivation. The combination of Mars and Uranus is often described as "Disruptive" or "Shocking". It may be beneficial at this time to "Expect the Unexpected" and review your emergency preparedness plans. Even if an emergency doesn't happen to you, this transit is a good reminder to be prepared, because emergencies and accidents can occur at any time, to any of us.

This powerful conjunction in the sign of Taurus is reminding us of the importance of building resilience. How do you tend to your mental health to build resilience during times of high stress? Even when things do not impact us directly, just hearing about trauma on the news can trigger a trauma response within your nervous system. It is not selfish or weak to give yourself some tenderness and compassion and rest when you have been hearing about the atrocities of genocide in Palestine and other upsetting horrors around the world or in your own country and city. Resilience refers to both the process and the outcome of successfully adapting to difficult or challenging life experiences, it is the skills required to be able to bounce back, heal, and grow after challenges or trauma. Resilience relates to having the mental, emotional, and behavioral flexibility and ability to adjust to both internal and external demands brought on by stress or a crisis. One of the greatest benefits of Mars in Taurus is the ability to build resilience. I recommend reading up on the topic from some experts. You can start with this article:

Personal Transits:

It can help to have awareness of what House(s) Mars is moving through. Check your birth chart to see what House(s) contain Taurus, and then see what area of life is related to that House. Mars may be energizing, activating, or bringing challenges to that area of your life. Mars transits are especially potent for people who have Sun, Moon or Rising Signs of Aries or Scorpio.

If you have planets in your birth chart in any of the Fixed signs, Mars will be making challenging aspects to these planets over the next 6 weeks.

Mars will make conjunction with natal placements in Taurus, it will make opposition to natal placements in Scorpio, and it will make square aspects with any natal placements in Leo or Aquarius. Check with your personal astrologer if you want more insights into these transits, especially if Mars is a prominent planet for you.

Overall advice for Mars in Taurus:

The best way to navigate this time period of Mars in Taurus is to channel Mars' courageous and motivational energy into your long term goals and projects that require stamina.

Remember to listen to your body's needs for basic care like rest, food, and hydration. Break up the large projects into smaller projects (Mars works best in short, focused bursts of energy) and give yourself rest and rewards in between each step. This way you will reduce chances of burnout, and keep yourself feeling motivated because you have acknowledged, celebrated, and rewarded each victory no matter how small!

Practice caution and safety. Take your time and do not rush things. Taurus energy flourishes when applied at a slow but steady pace. Think of your goals as a Marathon, not a Sprint.

Practice mindfulness and direct some of that Mars energy into building stabilizing, grounding daily routines. Mars wants to have a goal, and Taurus favors physical stability, so this is a great time to establish a regular routine with embodiment practices such as yoga, meditation, tai-chi, or a daily workout routine.

Stay in your own lane and try not to worry about things that don't impact you directly. Taurus energy can be very self-righteous, and with Mars here there is temptation to direct that self-righteousness in very aggressive ways. Check yourself and make sure you are directing your energy in ways that are helpful or productive rather than tearing others down just to soothe your own ego. Breathe and focus on building up the resilience of your own community.

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