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Aries Season Special Chart Reading

Mars, Mars in Astrology, Mars Astrology Reading
Mars - The Warrior Planet

Sun in ARIES March 19 - April 19

A Special Offer for Aries Season - get a personal Astrology reading focused on the Transits of Aries and Mars and how they relate to your birth chart!

We will examine: What House Aries rules in your Natal Chart What Planets are in the sign of Aries. Where is your Mars? Aspects and House related to your Natal Mars.

Transitting Mars in Capricorn and Aquarius in relation to your Natal Chart.

This specialized Chart Reading is designed to help you understand your own Inner Warrior and what you are being called to stand up and fight for in your own life during these times of change. Mars is the planet that represents our Drives, Passions, and Willingness to Act. Through understanding the signature of Mars and Aries in your Natal Chart, and where Mars is showing up in your life right now, you can help direct your energy into useful and progressive channels rather than letting it build into anxiety and fear. Mars is the planet of Courage and Strength and we could all use a bit of that right now!

This reading is available now through April 19th for $50. Reading will be presented through live video chat either in Zoom or on Facebook Messenger.

Email to schedule your reading! Please clarify in the email that you want the Aries/Mars Astrology reading.

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