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Vesta in Leo: Renewing Devotion to Self-Confidence

Vesta in Leo: June 19 - Aug 24, 2024

The Asteroid Vesta in Astrology represents The Goddess Vesta (counterpart of the Greek Goddess Hestia). Vesta is the Goddess of the Sacred Flame; representing Purity, Devotion, Service, and Sacrifice. In modern astrology, the Asteroid of Vesta can represent a place of devotion and dedication in the chart - it is where we are tending an inner Sacred Fire. Fire needs tending, care, and mindfulness so that it doesn't burn out; or burn too hot and get out of control. We give offerings of fuel (service, time, energy) in order to keep the fire lit. We must practice care and dedication, paying close attention to this fire so it does not go out.

The transits of Vesta can show us an area of life which we are feeling called to direct more care, devotion, and service. The sign that Vesta is transiting through represents the archetype or energy that is asking for more dedication, focus, and devotion. Vesta also embodies the archetype of service and self-sacrifice. It suggests a willingness to dedicate oneself to the service of others or to a higher calling, even at personal cost. We can look to the transit of Vesta to receive guidance as to what aspects of life we should direct some extra dedication, devotion, and service to.

Think of the Asteroid Vesta as a Sacred Fire that helps us connect with something Sacred in each sign that it visits. When we discover something sacred, we recognize that we have a responsibility to protect, preserve, and serve that sacred thing. Vesta in the sign of Leo is showing us the Sacredness of Creativity, Self-Expression, Pleasure, Fun, Enjoyment of Life and tending to the Inner Child. The Vesta Sacred Fire also serves the purpose of cleansing a purification - it burns away the old debris and purifies or cleanses. Vesta in the sign of Leo is going to help us burn away the shame or guilt associated with pleasure, or the need to be a people-pleaser and put the pleasure of others before your own.

A Red-Haired Goddess with a Lion.  Vesta in Leo
Art: Leo by Kirisy on DeviantArt -

Art: Leo by Kirisy on DeviantArt -

Vesta in Leo: June 19 - August 24

  • Domestic Focus:  When Vesta transits through Leo, there is a heightened focus on Children and Youth, Creativity and Play. If you have a home with children in it, this will be a great time to focus on any cleaning, organizing, repair or redecoration of the children's rooms and play areas. If you do not have children in the home, you can consider decoration or organization in the home that helps your Inner Child have a safe place to play - do you have an arts and crafts area. or a game room that you can refurbish or spruce up? Do you have a music or art collection that you want to display or show off? Is there any way you can breathe new life into your home environment to help it feel more vibrant and reflect your creativity and passions?

  • Devotion to Self Expression: While Vesta is in Leo, it is a good time to consider your own self-expression. You are a sacred and unique individual, with gifts and talents that only you bring to the world. How can you allow yourself to express your individuality with more freedom and autonomy? Perhaps you will want to change up your wardrobe or fashion, get a new hairstyle, or try some unique fashion statement. Or perhaps it is less about your appearance and more about speaking up, sharing your passions, promoting your art. You are allowed to take up space in this world and be seen for who you are!

  • Sacred Creativity: Your creativity is Sacred and Special. While sometimes we express our creativity to create a product to sell or something to please an audience, Vesta in Leo asks us to refocus on creating out of Divine Inspiration or a sense of Sacredness. What do you create because it feels like a Divine Calling, something that your Spirit longs for, or that you in some way feel like God or Goddess is asking you to create? If you take away the need to please an audience or sell something, what do you Create because your Spirit is starving if you don't do it?

  • Finding Your True Audience: There are people out there who align with your values and identify with you as a unique individual. While Vesta is in Leo you can set an intention to connect with your true Sacred Audience or Spiritual Community. When you start expressing your true authentic self and create for the sake of creation, you will attract the attention of those who align with your energy. There may be some "haters" or critics who want something different from you, but Vesta in Leo can show us the joy in autonomy, and the empowerment to do things our own way.

  • Healing the "People Pleaser": The truth is, Leo as an archetype craves Validation from others. While Vesta is in Leo we may find our own shadows about self-acceptance rising up, and come face to face with our deep need for external validation. We want others to experience joy and pleasure, and we never want to be the source of someone's discomfort or unhappiness - and this can lead to being a people pleaser. It is noble and pure to tend to the comfort and needs of others, but how much are you sacrificing your own comfort and needs in the process? Are you only getting that validation when you sacrifice your own pleasure and abandon your own autonomy or self-expression? Vesta in Leo can have a lot to teach us about holding boundaries. We can still serve others, but only when it is what we truly WANT to do, and it gives us as much pleasure to serve as it does the people we are serving. We achieve this by knowing what gives us pleasure, and strengthening our boundaries and the ability to say NO when something is sapping our life of pleasure and enjoyment. When you are committing to something you need to ask yourself if you are doing this out of a true desire to help, or out of fear-based need for approval and acceptance? There should be balance and equality between "This makes someone else happy" and "this makes me happy".

  • Devotion to Autonomy leads to More Pleasure: When you discover true autonomy and liberation, and you begin to do things for your own pleasure and your own satisfaction rather than only serving the needs of others, you may experience deeper levels of pleasure, fun, and indulgence. Vesta in Leo gives us a sense of understanding the Purity in pleasure - how pleasure is a sacred thing, and we can develop a stronger commitment to prioritize pleasure and joy in our lives. Be careful not to over-indulge, and remember your safety and health - but Vesta in Leo can help you overcome feelings of shame or guilt related to pleasure and enjoyment.

  • Healing Low Self Esteem: Leo Wounds often relate to low self-esteem or low value of self. Many of these wounds come from a time when someone we looked up to or loved told us that we were "too much"; too loud, too bright, too big, too needy, too emotional, etc. Or sometimes it is the opposite, we were told that we were not enough, and in some way lacking. Vesta offers Her Sacred Fire for purposes of cleansing, purification, rest, and regeneration. Sometimes it takes a period of solitude or seclusion, when we re-focus on tending to our own needs instead of tending to what other people want from us, in order to rediscover our own inner power. Listen to music and dance by yourself, create some art that you show to no one, take yourself out on a date, and practice affirming and uplifting yourself. It sounds cliche, but don't underestimate the power of looking at your won reflection in the mirror and giving yourself compliments. It is nice to have validation and compliments from others, but the goal is to liberate ourselves from an addiction to those words from others - to shift to being nourished and uplifted from within, so that we aren't dependent on others to give us that validation. The goal is that when we do get uplifted and validated from others, this is a bonus, but we aren't depending on it for our survival. This won't be easy or quick, and will probably take more time than the five weeks that Vesta is in Leo - but this five weeks is an excellent time to get started on this inner healing! You can also greatly benefit from the guidance of a therapist or counsellor and I encourage you to connect with mental health professionals to help you with this work.

Look to your birth chart to see what HOUSE is ruled by Leo. This house can give you additional clues to the area of life that Vesta is encouraging more devotion to right now.

If you have Vesta in Leo in your Birth Chart, you are having a Vesta Return! These themes come naturally to you and are likely a focus through your whole life. Let me know in comments if you have Vesta in Leo and how you feel about the above description of this placement. If you don't know where Vesta is in your birth chart, contact me to schedule an Astrology Session and I can help you find Vesta as well as interpret other parts of your chart.


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