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Sagittarius New Moon - Expanded Intentions

The New Moon in Sagittarius happens on the night/early morning of December 6th/7th, 2018. Both moon and sun will be conjunct at 15* Sagittarius, with Jupiter close by at 6* Sagittarius. Mercury turns direct on December 6th at 27* Scorpio, a mere 9 degrees away from Jupiter.

New Moons are great times for setting intentions and goals, either for the next month, year, or just 2 weeks. Grandmother Moon completes her waning (releasing) phase with the Dark Moon in Sagittarius on December 5/6 and then is reborn as The Maiden Moon to begin the cycle of growth. I tend to think of the new and waxing moon as Artemis, and the waning to dark moon as Hekate. Each New Moon then, when the sun and moon are conjunct, It can be thought of as Artemis and her brother Apollo (the Sun) having their monthly meeting, perhaps laying plans and discussing goals to work on until their next rendezvous. In the morning, sun and moon rise together, the reborn maiden moon to quickly begin her journey around the zodiac once more.

Artemis, Diana, Moon Goddess, Sagittarius, The Huntress, Astrology
Guillaume Seignac (French, 1870-1924) "Diana, The Huntress"

Artemis is certainly at home in the sign of The Archer, Sagittarius. Sagittarius is associated with Archery - a great metaphor for the sign that loves to look to the future and take aim for what is wanted most out of life. What better time to take aim for our own goals and dreams then with the New Moon in Sagittarius?

Moon and Sun (Artemis and Apollo) are joined by Jupiter (their father, Zeus) who has just recently returned to his home here in Sagittarius. They can already hear the shouts of Mercury (Hermes) from nearby, ending his retrograde to the Underworld and swiftly flying back to Olympus to check in with Zeus.

Jupiter's influence on this New Moon is strong, so it can be a great time to really tap into Jupiter's optimistic, lucky, jovial energy while setting your intentions. What is something you want that makes you happy just to think about it? When setting intentions it is always best to phrase your affirmations as if you already have what you are seeking. "I easily and successfully complete my project for school on time" is a much better affirmation than "I will complete my school project on time". "I will" places your dream or goal in some future place rather than bringing it into the present moment where you can manifest it. Under the influence of the reborn maiden huntress, her eternally youthful twin brother, and the jovial father-king of the gods, it is surely an auspicious day for making wishes and setting goals. However, keep in mind the wise archer doesn't just aim an arrow and shoot. She's had to do some work to develop her skill, and she's had to go out hunting to find the perfect target. While there is great energy here with manifesting potential, you'll still have to go out there and take some steps to find your reward. Artemis might be young, but she's certainly not lazy. When you set your intentions this new moon, it may be helpful to make a list of realistic actions you can take to help your dream come true. Tap into the optimism and drive of Sagittarius season to help empower you to take those steps.

Two other planets seem to have a lot to say about what's happening over in Sagittarius. Mars and Neptune are conjunct at 13* Pisces, squaring the moon, sun, and Jupiter. A Square is an aspect between two or more planets in signs that challenge each other. In this case we have planets in Mutable Fire (Sagittarius) squaring planets in Mutable Water (Pisces). Both signs are flexible, changeable, and adaptable, however; "adaptable" means something different to fire than it does to water. Adaptable (mutable) Sagittarius may want to push through any blockages with more heat/pressure, while mutable Pisces wants to just allow the process to unfold as it may. With the challenging aspects there is always a lesson. What does fiery Sagittarius have to learn from Pisces? And what does Pisces have to learn from Sagittarius? There is a balance to be found here, and any challenges that arise from this square are just opportunities for you to find that balance.

Neptune (Poseidon - God of The Sea) has recently finished a long retrograde period in his home sign of Pisces and is moving direct again, deepening and activating our tendencies to dream and fantasize. Mars (Ares, the God of War) recently entered Pisces, further activating our willingness to dream big, perhaps to the point of pushing our desires for escapism through fantasy. Slipping into the void is a Piscean dream, but this talk of aiming high and running out for the wild hunt? Poseidon and Mars are offering some stern (yet flexible) advice to the loud, optimistic party of Zeus, Artemis, and Apollo over there in Sagittarius. "Hey, maybe you guys shouldn't take yourselves so seriously." All this planning and intention setting isn't worth much if you're not letting dream and fantasy guide you at least part of the way.

The sun will remain in Sagittarius until Dec 21 when it enters Capricorn - the Winter Solstice and day before the Full Moon in Cancer. Best wishes to you with your dreaming and intention setting. May The Huntress bless you and your arrow fly true!

Blessed Be


Lilliana Blackstar, aka Hestia's Muse is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Reiki Master, and a Tarot Enthusiast. She is also a guest blogger for Panegyria and a student at Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary. Looking for more clarity and guidance for this New Moon and Sagittarius Season? A Mini Transit Report might be just right for you! I'd be honored to look at your natal chart with you to help you discover how Sagittarius season might play out for you.

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