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Retrograde Lessons & Starting Over

Hey, look! A new website!

Yep, here I am building new website 2 weeks before the launch of a new course and the start of my the next Reiki Level 1 Course. This was not the plan, but...

I'm not sure what happened to my old website. Hacked? Server Glitch?

Who knows. It's gone. The saddest part is that all my old blog posts are lost. The even sadder part is that before Mercury went retrograde I thought to myself, "I should really backup my website and make copies of all my blog posts." And I did make some copies of the main pages, but I hadn't started on the blog posts yet.

Then Mercury went retrograde and things got weird (as they do) and I got busy and distracted. The trickster planet went rogue and thought, "oh hey here's a chance to teach an astrologer a lesson."

Ironically, I usually enjoy the Retrogrades, and don't like the "doom and gloom" outlook on a Mercury Retrograde. Generally I think Mercury gets a lot of shit for being a great teacher - his challenges (or shenanigans) are often great lessons and opportunities for personal growth. However, it was the second time I have had my website up and dissapear during a Mercury Retrograde!

This time I decided to move to a new Host / Server and got a new domain name (now at .net and no longer at .com) I'm really sad about the lost blog posts as many of them came through in inspired moments and would be impossible to recreate. But I am in acceptance; learning lessons of non-attatchment (and to always make a copy of my blog posts from now on!

Thanks for reading! I'm mostly just testing out the new blog features and how to use this new website. Thanks for your patience as I get things up and running again!

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