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Jupiter in Sagittarius - Aiming For Growth

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

The planet of optimism, growth and expansion will travel through the sign of Sagittarius from November 10, 2018 to December 2, 2019.

Jupiter has returned "home" to the sign of it's domain - Sagittarius! Over the past year, Jupiter has traveled through Scorpio, something that I often referred to as "Zeus tearing shit up in the Underworld". It was an intense and transformational transit as the planet of growth and expansion moved through the sign of Death, Sex, and Mysteries. You can read more about it HERE in a previous blog post.

Sagittarius is the sign Jupiter rules over, and it is the sign of The Archer - representing one who has trained in a specific skill (advanced education) and can now set his aim directly at what he seeks. When I think of the energy of Sagittarius, I picture an archer on a mountaintop. He is wise and knows exactly when to use his arrows and when to save them. He has traveled far and learned many things, giving him a wide world-view instead of a narrow view, which actually helps him set his goals and know exactly when to loose his bow. Sagittarius represents higher education, travel, seeking out masters or gurus, and eventually becoming a master or a teacher of others. With expanded knowledge and experiences, the world opens up for us in new ways. It is the sign of the seeker, the student, and the teacher. From the mountaintop we gain perspective through the bigger picture, a world view that is not limited to our own experiences but also accounts for the experiences and wisdom of other cultures and societies.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth, luck, justice, and wisdom. We can easily liken him to Zeus in Greek Mythology as this planet operates as a wise ruler, visiting each realm of our lives through the archetypes of the zodiac signs and bringing expansion and understanding to our world in new ways. Zeus (Jupiter) has traveled around the zodiac wheel visiting each of the signs over the past 11 years, returning now to his throne atop Mount Olympus to reign again; holding court, teaching, and giving out blessings. Io Zeus!

"When Jupiter is in Sagittarius it is free to express its true self and true form. Jupiter is the planet associated with expansion, abundance, benevolence, and opportunity. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and has the ability to open minds, open hearts, and get us to see the world with a new found perspective." - Tanaaz at

Jupiter in Sagittarius is sure the inspire us to expand our minds and open our hearts. Thinking globally should be a theme that comes up as this planetary transit urges us to step back and look at the bigger picture and things that effect people outside of our normal realm of awareness. Tolerance should also be a big theme, and we'll collectively continue to expand up on what we learned through the #metoo movement, now taking that trauma to a new level of understanding as we seek justice and lasting social change.

On a personal level, this Jupiter transit will effect everyone differently, though it should bring feelings of starting fresh, seeking higher education, optimism, and the ability to see potential in everything. The more we recognize blocks or challenges as opportunities for growth, the more we can step into those challenges with optimism and trust - allowing the Truth to lead us.


There are several ways to determine if this transit of Jupiter through Sagittarius will be especially relevant for you. (Some transits are more prominent for certain people than for others, depending on your natal chart)

Sagittarians - If you are a Sagittarius Sun, or your Moon or Ascendant is in Sagittarius, Jupiter's transit through this sign should have you feeling particularly expansive. You may embark on quests for Higher Education, long distance travel, or seeking out a teacher or guide of some kind. You may have a significant number of "Lucky Days" or expand your life in some way through a change in career or just a change of view. Embrace the feelings of optimism you have, and don't be afraid to follow through with things that feel expansive but exciting to you!

Jupiter Returns - If Jupiter was in Sagittarius when you were born, you will be having your Jupiter Return this year. Jupiter takes 11 to 12 years to pass through all Zodiac signs, so we all experience a Jupiter return every 11 or 12 years. These years are often lucky years that signify personal growth and new levels of wisdom as we step out and explore our world in new ways. While a Saturn Return is known to be "heavy" or challenging, the growth that comes from a Jupiter return generally feels more victorious, lucky, and enlightening. If you were born in the following years, you will be having your Jupiter Return: 1947/48, 1959/60, 1971/72, 1982/83, 1994/95, 2006/07

Jupiter Transits Other Planets - If you have other planets in Sagittarius in your Natal Chart, Jupiter will pass over those points sometime in the next 13 months. A transit like this can catalyze some personal growth, as Jupiter sets off some expansive energy related to whatever planet he is passing by in your Natal Chart. Here are some examples -

Jupiter transits Mercury - Expands the Mind, Communication, Learning Jupiter transits Venus - Expands the Senses, Love, Romance Jupiter transits Mars - Expands the Willpower, Drive, Passion

Jupiter transits Jupiter - Expansion & Growth Maximized - Height of your Jupiter Return Jupiter transits Saturn - Expansion of Structures, Career, Rules

Jupiter transits Neptune - Expansion of the Subconscious, Dreams, Fantasy Jupiter transits Uranus - Expansion of Awareness, Higher Consciousness, Revolution Jupiter transits Pluto - Expansion of Mysteries, Transformation, Soul Purpose

Jupiter through the Houses - Finally, check and see what HOUSE Sagittarius is in on your Natal Chart. Even if you don't have any planets in Sagittarius, the House that it is in will show you what areas of life will be most influenced by Jupiter through this transit. What area of life might you experience some luck, optimism, and expansiveness?

1st House - Self Identity, Self Awareness 2nd House - Home, Belongings, Money 3rd House - Education, Communication, Ideas & Thoughts 4th House - Family, Home, Emotion 5th House - Self Expression, Fun, Art 6th House - Health, Service, Details 7th House - Relationships, Marriage, Business Partnerships 8th House - Sex, Death, Magic & Mysteries 9th House - Travel, Education, Mastery & Wisdom 10th House - Career & Public Standing 11th House - Friendships, Community, Inventiveness, Inspiration 12th House - Spirituality, Creativity, Emotion, Fantasy

Some Key Dates of the Jupiter in Sagittarius Transit

There are few dates to be aware of through this transit of Jupiter through Sagittarius.

* November 25, 2018 - Sun and Jupiter Conjunct. As the Sun passes over the same degree of Sagittarius, Jupiter's influence here will really be intensified.

* November 27, 2018 - Mercury Retrograde conjuncts Jupiter. Jupiter's realm will be highly influenced by Mercury's retrograde, slowing down some of the growth and perhaps dulling some of the optimism while we try to get the details just right.

* December 21, 2018 - Mercury conjunct Jupiter again, this time Mercury is direct and perhaps some of Jupiter's luck and growth will shine through more directly.

* January 21, 2019 - Venus conjunct Jupiter. As Venus and Jupiter meet, there may be bright times in the realm of love and the senses!

* April 11th - August 12, 2019 - JUPITER RETROGRADE - Jupiter's lessons and energies become more subtle and internalized

Jupiter in Sagittarius will form TRINES (harmonious aspects) to any planets Moving through Aries and Leo. It will form SQUARES (challenging aspects) to any planets traveling through Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces.

I hope you enjoyed this post and are excited to see what Jupiter brings us through Sagittarius! May it bring blessings to you and Justice, Wisdom, and Growth to the world as a whole. Blessed Be

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