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Jupiter in Gemini: 8 of Swords

Podcast Episode 31: The 8 of Swords - Jupiter and Gemini - Astrology Tarot Devotional Recorded on May 27, 2024 © Hestia's Muse, Lilliana Blackstar.

Below is not a word for word transcript, but it is the notes and my written blog post that I refer to in the podcast.

Gemini Basics

Gemini is often associated with duality, communication, and versatility. Represented by the symbol of the Twins, this archetype embodies the complexity of human nature and the interplay of contrasting forces within us. Gemini teaches us about the power of communication and the exchange of ideas. Those influenced by this archetype are often quick-witted, curious, and adaptable. They thrive on intellectual stimulation and are adept at processing information from multiple perspectives. Gemini encourages us to embrace our curiosity, engage in meaningful dialogue, and remain open to new experiences.

The duality of Gemini also highlights the importance of balance. Just as the Twins represent two sides of the same coin, individuals under this sign may struggle with indecision or inconsistency. Learning to integrate opposing qualities within ourselves is a key lesson of Gemini, as it teaches us to find harmony between our rational and emotional selves.

The First Decan of Gemini - Sub-Ruled by Jupiter

Each sign is ruled by a planet, and then each decan is also ruled by a planet - you can think of this as a sub-ruler or "Shift Manager".  The entire sign of Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and the first ten degrees of Gemini are also sub-ruled by Jupiter - you can think of this section of the Zodiac as Jupiterian in nature.


Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and symbolizes expansion, abundance, and the principle of growth. Often referred to as the "Great Benefic," Jupiter exudes an optimistic and generous energy. It rules over the higher mind, philosophy, and beliefs, encouraging individuals to seek wisdom and a broader understanding of life. Jupiter's influence is associated with luck, opportunities, and a sense of abundance, inspiring individuals to reach for higher goals and embrace a more expansive view of the world. In an astrological chart, Jupiter's placement is seen as a source of enthusiasm, optimism, and a desire for meaningful experiences. It encourages a spirit of exploration, both intellectually and experientially, fostering a sense of purpose and an openness to the possibilities that life has to offer.  Overall, Jupiter embodies the principle of abundance, inspiring individuals to reach for their highest aspirations and explore the boundless possibilities that the universe has to offer.

Jupiter in Gemini: May 25, 2024 - May 9, 2025

When Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, transits through Gemini, the influence is complex due to the contrasting energies at play. Gemini, ruled by Mercury, embodies qualities of intellect, agility, adaptability, curiosity, and communication. However, Jupiter's presence in this sign is considered to be in detriment, meaning its expansive nature may face challenges in expressing itself fully. Jupiter is in DETRIMENT in the sign of Gemini, meaning that it is somewhat uncomfortable or restricted in this sign that is opposite to it's home rulership sign of Sagittarius. A planet that is in detriment has less ease in expressing itself - it is as if it is in a foreign land where no one is speaking the same language and the customs are unfamiliar. In this case, Jupiter is still a benefic planet that offers blessings, but it is as if the blessings are caught up behind some red tape and do not flow to us as easily.

During this transit, Jupiter's influence amplifies Gemini's intellectual curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Individuals may feel compelled to explore diverse subjects, philosophies, and belief systems, seeking to broaden their understanding of the world. However, there can also be a tendency towards superficiality or scattering of energy, as Jupiter's expansive energy clashes with Gemini's penchant for variety and change. The open-mindedness of Gemini can become too open and unfocused; the attention is spread thin because it is on too many things, or it only touches the surface of the topic before moving on to the next big thing. There can be a sensation of being overwhelmed - reaching decision fatigue or decision paralysis because there are just too many opinions to take into account, and too many options.On a spiritual level, Jupiter in Gemini encourages a broad-minded approach to faith and belief systems. It fosters a curious exploration of philosophical and theological concepts, inviting individuals to expand or change their understanding of universal laws governing humanity. However, there may be a need to guard against intellectual arrogance or dogmatism, as the expansive nature of Jupiter can sometimes lead to overconfidence in one's beliefs. In matters of justice, law, honor, and truth, Jupiter in Gemini may prompt a reevaluation of societal norms and ethical principles, encouraging a more flexible and adaptable approach to these concepts.

This re-evaluation may be beneficial and necessary as the world changes, but Jupiter can bring a rather dogmatic or over-confident approach in which people can feel so sure that they are "right" that they become unwilling to see things from another perspective or become unwilling to allow more information into their view.

Gemini's curiosity and attention to detail can be difficult to navigate when Jupiter is urging a more expansive approach. The mind is conflicted; which is more important - the details or the big picture? What should I focus on? The Higher Philosophical Truth, or the Truth that directly impacts me and the people around me?

One way to explore the influence of Jupiter in Gemini is to look at the tarot card, the 8 of Swords. This is the minor arcana card that corresponds with the first decan of Gemini, or with the energy of Jupiter in Gemini.

the Eight of Swords, Rider-Waite Smith Tarot
8 of Swords - RWS Tarot

8 of Swords Key Words and Concepts:

  • Blindness or uncertainty

  • Decision Paralysis

  • Fear

  • Helplessness

  • Isolation or feeling alone

  • Information Overload

  • Limitation or restriction

  • Mental entrapment

  • Negative thinking

  • Self-imposed barriers

  • Trapped or feeling Stuck

  • Victim mentality

The 8 of Swords General meaning;

The 8 of Swords tarot card generally symbolizes a sense of entrapment and restriction, often rooted in one's own thoughts and perceptions. It depicts a figure who is bound and blindfolded, surrounded by swords, illustrating feelings of helplessness and being stuck in a difficult situation. This card suggests that the barriers and limitations one faces are often self-imposed, resulting from negative thinking and fear. The message of the 8 of Swords is about recognizing these mental constraints and understanding that they can be overcome. It encourages breaking free from limiting beliefs, gaining clarity, and taking steps towards liberation and empowerment.

It can be hard at first to see how this is a Jupiter card! Jupiter is fortune, wisdom, luck, growth and it is most often associated with optimism and joy. This card certainly doesn't seem to be bringing a very uplifting or happy message, so what's the deal? How is this a Jupiter card?

Well it begins to make sense with the context of Jupiter's detriment in Gemini. Jupiter will have the tendency to expand whatever concept it touches, and Gemini is truly the sign of Curiosity. Jupiter's expansion of Curiosity doesn't really create more answers or any kind of definitive truth as much as it just creates more questions. So the nature of Jupiter is to seek the truth, and this combined with Gemini's curiosity we just find that there are more answers which need more questions. Gemini's duplicity helps us see that "More than one thing can be true at once", and while this can be freeing in some circumstances - with Jupiter it just becomes overwhelming. Instead of finding one objectively true answer to life's questions, we find that subjectively every person's truth is their own.

Once we see that this is a card of Jupiter in Gemini, we can clearly see how this is a card of Jupiter's detriment. There is a decision paralysis or a feeling of decision fatigue here - the figure in the card has been presented with too many choices and it feels impossible to make a choice. In our own lives when we face this decision paralysis it is often because we have too many options, and also because we are feeling exhausted from having to make too many choices on a regular basis. We sometimes need to simplify, narrow down our choices so we only have to decide between one or two things. I often remind my partner that it is easier for me to decide what I want to eat when he offers me two or three specific options rather than just asking me "what do you want to eat for dinner?"

Decision Fatigue can happen when someone is responsible for making all the big choices in their day to day life and the ability to make choices gradually worsens throughout the day or over a period of time. We are less likely to make rational choices when we are tired, over-worked, overwhelmed, or have not had time to relax. After a long day of work when we have been making a series of important choices for ourselves and others, it can suddenly feel impossible at the end of the day to make even a simple choice like "what should I watch on Netflix before bed?"

We can also experience something called "Information Overload" or "Information fatigue" ; this is when we are constantly receiving new information which we do not have time to fully process or examine before we are receiving more new information. We often feel this way because of the way that the internet and social media are designed to be constantly stimulating us with new information in order to keep us engaged and using the platforms - but this is resulting in us constantly feeling this sort of decision paralysis ora sense of helplessness, hopelessness, and being trapped or overwhelmed.

When we are constantly being updated about terrible or frightening things in the world, we feel as if there is nothing we can do to change the world, and then we feel stuck or helpless. People who are engaged in activism often report feeling this activism fatigue; despite all that they have been doing to fight for their cause and make a difference in the world, the bad news keeps piling in with new updates and they begin to feel like they have not made a difference at all. In truth they HAVE been making a difference, but the access to this big-picture information coming in from all over the world has made it nearly impossible to see the small difference that we make as individuals. This seems very Jupiter-in Gemini to me as the expansion of information causes us to lose the context of details, and then feel as if we are the helpless figure in the 8 of Swords card.

Jupiter is concerned with seeking out the Truth (like a big Capitol T "Truth", and Gemini by nature will pick apart every detail of anything that is presented as Truth. Gemini holds the energy of undying curiosity and here we find there is always someone playing the Devil's advocate and asking uncomfortable questions about whatever conclusions have been made. Jupiter's main function is to help us define our ethics and morals - what we believe to be Good or bad and Right or Wrong will then define what laws we make and what we believe about Justice. However, Life is not so simple that it can be described in definitive terms of Black and White or Right and Wrong, and this certainly complicates the process of "Unveiling The Truth" that might be more straightforward of a process for Jupiter in other signs. Gemini will gladly point out that there are always exceptions to a rule, and that no solution will work in all circumstances.

Jupiter's blind faith and optimistic beliefs in Justice combined with Gemini's attention to detail and constant curiosity has got us into quite a complicated bind!

Knowing that the suit of Swords mostly represents our thoughts and ideas - it is clear we are in a some kind of bind when this card comes up, but the card is really showing us how many of our problems or restrictions are due to our own beliefs about ourselves or the world. We have literally over-thought ourselves into some kind of situation where we now feel trapped.

Perhaps we made a lot of declarative statements about what we believed to be right and wrong, and now we find that we cannot act without contradicting ourselves or breaking some kind of rule that we have set for ourselves. Yeah, thats gonna sting when we have to admit that we were wrong, or when we are forced to do something that we once harshly judged someone else for doing. Or perhaps the solution to our problem is obvious, but we have wrapped it up in so much red tape with our own over-analysis of "right and wrong" that it is now impossible to see the solution that is right there.

I'm reminded of the TV show "The Good Place". In this show which is a comedy about moral philosophy - we find that it is nearly impossible for a human to get into heaven because the rules of good and bad are so complicated that no one could possibly make all the right choices. In the show, we meet the one person on earth who is on track to get into The Good Place - and he basically over-thinks every single action that he takes. He has moved into the woods to live off the grid and grow his own food in order to avoid participating in any aspect of capitalism and consumerism that is possibly unethical. He has essentially cut himself off from all of life in order to be "good". I think this is the conundrum of the 8 of Swords - Jupiter in Gemini can get so caught up in the details of Justice and Truth and idealistic perfection that we trap and bind ourselves.

What about the positives of Jupiter in Gemini?

It can be easy to focus on the negatives of a detrimental transit, or the negative aspects of a card like the 8 of Swords. But this doesn't mean that there is no positive experience to be gained from this card or this transit! So let's look at some of the positives

Improved Communication: This card can show you the need to communicate your feelings and thoughts more effectively, leading to better relationships and support systems. Jupiter does bring blessings and fortune - and in Gemini these blessings come to our communication. Jupiter may be able to help us put our more complicated thoughts and feelings into words, and really express ourselves! It's going to be an excellent year for writing a book, teaching classes, giving lectures, or just sharing your thoughts and ideas with your friends.

Expanded Social Circles:  Gemini is a truly social sign and loves to have social gatherings and community time. Jupiter can really bless our social gatherings as well as help us make new friends or expand our social circles. It can be a good time to branch out and meet new people that share similar interests.

Discovering Inner Strength:  Looking at the 8 of Swords we can see that the restriction is something caused by our own mind or beliefs, and therefore the solution is also within our own mind and beliefs. When we actively deconstruct our own restrictive beliefs, we discover the power of our own mind and develop better self confidence as well as better problem solving skills.

Better Self-Awareness: Recognizing and acknowledging self-imposed limitations can be the first step toward personal growth and empowerment. When we realize that our state of mind is powerful enough to make us feel so trapped and overwhelmed, we decide to develop better mindfulness habits and more self-awareness so we can avoid these internal trappings of the mind.

More Mental Clarity: Confronting fears and negative thoughts can lead to greater mental clarity and understanding of your situation. When you know what you are afraid of or what makes you feel overwhelmed, you can work to resolve or confront these fears before they become overwhelming.

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