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Capricorn Full Moon & Eclipse, July 4 2020

We are preparing for the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 4th, 2020. The Full Moon will be at 8:46 pm PST, with a prenumbral lunar eclipse that peaks at 9:29 pm PST. This is the final eclipse of the Summer 2020 Eclipse Season and this full moon carries some very potent energy.

Full Moons are always about balancing opposing energies and areas of life. The full moon takes place in the opposite sign of the sun, highlighting and reflecting from the polarity point of the current sun season. To me, the Full Moon is a powerful time to deeply reflect and work on the inner self in relation to the axis of the opposing signs that are in play. Each sign has an opposite sign that reflects to polar opposite energy.... but these signs are deeply connected as pairs. They are like two sides of the same coin, and a balanced life will have the energies of these two opposite signs working in harmony and well integrated. The Full Moon is an excellent time to check in and review these two opposing energies, to explore whether they need to be better balanced and more fully integrated in your life. You could say that one cannot really enjoy the benefits of one sign's energy and lessons if you are out of touch with the opposing sign's energies. The Full Moon reflects back to us the light of the sun shining from the opposite side of the zodiac, illuminating far side of the wheel and reminding us that both sides have beauty and value.

The Cancer/Capricorn axis highlights the relationship between the deeply personal and the broadly public aspects of our lives. Cancer is the sign of the deeply personal life - our emotional selves, our home life, our desire for nurturing, comfort, safety, and unconditional love. Capricorn is the sign of the deeply public life - our career, social status, our legacy, and our desire to be recognized and acknowledged for our work and achievements. One can easily see how it is important to have these two areas of life harmonized and balanced. If you are overly focused on your work life and social status but lacking in a comfortable, safe, and nurturing home life, you will probably feel great imbalance and discomfort in your life. On the other side of the spectrum, you can have a safe and nurtured home life; but without the stimulation of satisfying work and external creation, you may feel unfulfilled.

The energy of the Cancer/Capricorn axis can be understood through the archetypes of the traditional Mother-Father dynamic. (This is not to say that I encourage or promote these somewhat archaic traditional gender roles, but simply they are given as examples of archetypes that most people are familiar with). The Mother archetype (Cancer and the Moon) is the nurturer who cares for the home - cooking the nourishing foods and providing for the emotional needs of the child. The Mother archetype encourages the connection to emotions, teaching care for others through empathy. The Father archetype (Capricorn and Saturn) is the provider of external needs, working outside the home to provide income. The Father archetype is also the one who encourages the child to eventually take responsibility for their own care (enforcing rules and restrictions) - and setting expectations for the child to go out in the world and succeed at their own path and create their own legacy.

The Cancer/Capricorn axis holds within it the age old conflict between Matriarchy and Patriarchy - and the opposing forces of Liberal Socialism and Nationalist Authoritarianism. On a global, impersonal scale we are seeing these archetypes in conflict (seeking balance) in terms of a strong public outcry for nurturing and empathy while governments seem to be doubling down on restrictive and authoritarian policy. This theme has been predominant for the past year; related to the transits of Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter through the sign of Capricorn. For the United States, this is particularly potent as the country experiences its Pluto Return (Pluto returning to the place it was at the "Birth" of the country - in Capricorn) and this Full Moon falling on America's day of Independence - this country has a natal Cancer sun, after all! the Chart for the Full Moon on Saturday night could almost double as a Solar Return chart for the 2020 "birthday" of the United States, and as such - this particular Full Moon will influence the energy of the United States for the rest of the solar year until next July!

Returning to the personal, let's look at how you can use this Full Moon for some powerful self-reflection and self awareness. There is a potent opportunity here to allow yourself to work on balancing and integrating the Cancer-Capricorn energies within your own life. Is there balance between your home life and your work life? Are you feeling worthy of both unconditional love, and for recognition for the things you work hard at? Below I am breaking down some ways to explore these energies - you can write in a journal, meditate, or use these as discussion topics with partners or friends.

Cancer Energy Exploration

  • How is your home life? Are you feeling safe, nurtured, and secure in your home environment? Is there anything you can do to increase the level of comforting and nurturing you have at home? What kind of self-care practices do you have?

  • Are you open to receiving unconditional love? Love that is not dependent on external factors like what you do or how you act - but simply to be loved for who you are? Are you willing to give yourself this kind of love?

  • Meditate on the tarot cards The Chariot (Cancer) and the Three of Cups (13 degrees Cancer). What do these cards mean to you? How can you embrace and embody the energy of these cards? If you read tarot, you can give yourself a reading with these cards as significators and ask for further advice in accessing the lessons of Cancer.

  • Look to your birth chart to find your moon sign. If the moon is your inner Mother Archetype, how can you access this energy for mothering yourself? Your moon sign shows you the type of nurturing and emotional support you seek - and also the type of nurturing and emotional support you give to others.

  • Look at your birth chart to find what House the 13th degree of Cancer is contained within. This will show you the "area of life" in which the sun in Cancer is occupying during the Full Moon and lunar eclipse. This can hold clues as to what area of life you may need to channel more nurturing, comfort, and unconditional love.

  • Look at your birth chart to find your Fourth House. What sign rules this 4th house and are there any planets there? This can show you the type of home life you desire, and how you best express your own nurturing comforting energy.

Capricorn Energy Exploration

  • How is your Work life? Are you feeling acknowledged and appreciated for the work you do? Are there ways you can create a better work environment for yourself? What other projects and goals are you working on that give you a sense of satisfaction and purpose? Are these efforts acknowledged and appreciated by your peers?

  • Where are you feeling restricted or facing boundaries or limitations in your life? How do you respond to rules and restrictions that are enforced by society or family? Are there any boundaries that you feel you need to actively fight against or overcome? In what ways do you need to enforce or uphold your own boundaries in order to succeed?

  • Meditate on the tarot cards The Devil (Capricorn) and the Three of Pentacles (13 degrees Capricorn). What do these cards mean to you? How can you embrace and embody the energy of these cards? If you read tarot, you can give yourself a reading with these cards as significators and ask for further advice in accessing the lessons of Capricorn.

  • Look at your birth chart to find your Saturn. Saturn is sometimes seen as the stern father archetype of the planets; here you will find the types of boundaries and restrictions you face in life. Your Saturn can show you how you respond to rules, restrictions, and limitations, as well as areas of life that you need to hold boundaries or create order.

  • Look to your birth chart to find what house the 13th degree of Capricorn is held within. This will show you the "Area of life" that the moon will occupy during this full moon and eclipse, and can show you where you might need to focus on balancing your work, social status, or personal boundaries.

  • Look at your birth chart for the 10th House. What sign rules this house, and are there any planets there? This house can show you what kind of career you desire, or where you wish to be publicly recognized for your projects and effort.

Radiant Rider-Waite tarot.  The Chariot (Cancer), The Devil (Capricorn), The Three of Cups and the Three of Pentacles
Tarot of the Capricorn Full Moon

Some further Astrology to be aware of for this Full Moon (see chart below)

  • Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn all in Retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. This is bringing a lot of change and introspection to the Capricorn energy, and some frustration as the retrogrades cause feelings of blockages or that efforts are not moving forward. There is progress and change happening here, but most of it is currently unseen or beneath the surface. Trust that there is change happening, though the results may not be seen until after the retrogrades are over.

  • The Full Moon and eclipse (13 degrees) is happening just 10 degrees away from the Pluto-Jupiter conjunction at 23 degrees. After the eclipse the moon will move closer to these planets, and pass over all of them on it's way out of Capricorn on July 5th.

  • Mercury retrograde in Cancer at 9 degrees, just 4 degrees away from the Sun at the time of the Full Moon and the eclipse. Be aware of the possibility of miscommunication, travel delays, and mistakes in monetary transactions.

  • The asteroid Vesta in conjunction with the sun, both at 13 degrees Cancer. Vesta is the Roman Goddess of the Hearth Fire, related to her Greek counterpart Hestia- Goddess of Home and Hearth. The asteroid Vesta brings a strong sense of devotion to a personal cause (what fires are you tending?) and a willingness to make personal sacrifices for the greater good. Vesta joining in with the sun during this eclipse will strengthen the desire to care for the home environment while also activating a sense of duty related to whatever it is that you are dedicated to nurturing.

  • Earlier in the day, before the eclipse the moon will square Mars in Aries, followed by a square to Chiron. As emotions run high there is a chance of feeling angry or reacting to situations out of anger, especially if you feel disrespected or encounter triggers related to past traumas. Be aware of this and be gentle with yourself. Your anger and pain are likely justified, but a measure of control in how you respond to those feelings will go a long way.

  • Moon in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus - there may be a desire to indulge in some material comforts. This is fine but watch out for overspending, and keep an eye on your bank account in case of mistakes.

Wishing you many blessings for this Full Moon! I hope that this post has brought you clarity, guidance, and a focus for your journey through this powerful full moon and eclipse. Blessed Be, friends!!

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