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#BlackLivesMatter - Astrology of A Movement

An astrological look at the #BlackLivesMatter movement and current events.

Let me start by saying that I fully support #BlackLivesMatter and the protests that are currently happening as a response to continued police brutality and inequality that BIPOC face on a daily basis in the United States. I am not Black or a POC, and I recognize that my White Privilege has me looking in at all these events from the outside; and my perspective here is not in any way meant to talk over or overshadow the voices of BIPOC at this time. I am constantly challenging myself and my fellow white friends and family to Listen and Learn; to become better allies and help overthrow the systemic racism that is present in our culture and government. It is my intention here to outline the astrological influences of the movement as a means of encouragement, support, and understanding of what is happening. This content will be copyright free for anyone to share, with or without credit to me. Links to places you can donate to help the cause and support #BLM will be included; if you enjoy this content or find it helpful please make a donation to one of the organizations linked at the bottom of this page.

The Birth of #BlackLivesMatter

the event chart of the "birth" of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement
Black Lives Matter Event Chart

July 13, 2013, 10 pm

In July 2013, millions had called out for justice related to the death of Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old fatally shot by George Zimmerman in February of that year. On the night of July 13th, a Grand Jury acquitted George Zimmerman. The collective grief and outrage was palpable, and very visible on social media as activists cried out; yet ANOTHER Black death without justice.

A vocal Black Activist, Alicia Garza, wrote a post on facebook after the acquittal was announced in which she said; "Our lives matter. Black lives matter". Garza's friend and fellow activist, Patrisse Cullers replied with #BlackLivesMatter and the phrase soon became the slogan for a movement that spread across the world.

Analyzing the Event Chart for the moment #BlackLivesMatter was born offers a lot of insight into the energetics behind this movement - how it operates and why it has had lasting power.

The "Big Three" - Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon and Aquarius Rising.

  • Sun in Cancer, 5th House. Cancer energy is about support and nurturing. It is the "mother" energy of the Zodiac, and it aligns with this movements deep desire to help people - and to shelter others from harm. Trayvon Martin was only 17 years old when he was killed... the Cancerian energy of a mother's desire to protect a child is highly relevant here.In the 5th house, this energy has a very public face that thrives in the spotlight; indeed it desires that spotlight because this sheltering and nourishing needs to be supported by the public in order for the message and goal to be achieved. Garza's original Facebook post began with "A Love Note To Black People" and the carried the voice of a mother reaching out to comfort a whole group of people hurt by tragedy.

  • Moon in Virgo, 8th House. Virgo is the sign of Service, Devotion, and Health. A Virgo moon can inspire the desire for Sacred Service to a cause greater than one individual's needs. There is a strong need for both Discernment and Purification. The 8th House relates to Death and deep transformative experiences, as well as Secrets. A Virgo moon in the 8th House will push to reveal secrets and the hidden nature of structures that are obscuring concerning the cause that one is devoted to.

  • Aquarius Rising. (Note* I don't have the exact time of Garza's original Facebook post, but her post and the resulting hashtag of Black Lives Matter was "born" after the announcement of Zimmerman's acquittal, which happened around 10 pm.) Aquarius is the sign of the Rebel and of Revolution - of thinking outside the box and breaking down thoughts and ideologies that are not serving the greater good of all. Aquarius' main function is to ask, "Does this work for the greater good of humanity? If not, it must be dismantled so we may move forward" The energy of Aquarius rising over the horizon at the time of the acquittal surely amplified the desire for Revolution and continues to contribute a strong influence to this movement's purpose. It is also interesting to note that Trayvon Martin was an Aquarius Sun.

Interpersonal Planets - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn

  • Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, conjunct with the Sun. Mercury is the planet of communication, thoughts, ideas, and travel. In the sign of Cancer, Mercury is concerned with expression of emotions and a desire to communicate needs for nurturing, comfort, and safety. In retrograde, this planet is pushing for Shadow Work; or the need to confront uncomfortable emotions. The retrograde of Mercury can also create difficulties in expressing these needs - such as miscommunication and barriers to communication. The #BlackLivesMatter movement has been marked by a massive misunderstanding, not the least of which is seen in people misinterpreting the slogan as if it is saying other lives do not matter or that Black Lives matter more. The resistance to #BLM is often seen by counter-protesters saying "all lives matter". If you still struggle with understanding why it is inappropriate and dismissive to say "All Lives Matter" please take a couple minutes to read this article; Why You Should Stop Saying 'All Lives Matter', Explained in 9 Different Ways. Mercury's close conjunction with the Sun makes this movement highly related to communication, while the 5th House again amplifies that public view and spotlight.

  • Venus in Leo, 7th House, Conjunct the Descendant. Venus relates to desires and attraction. Venus in Leo brings a strong desire to be seen, heard and acknowledged. A primary goal of Black Lives Matter is to bring public awareness to the injustice present in the lives of Black people, a desire for these injustices to be acknowledged and given fair attention. These injustices are nothing new, and #BLM is a continuation of the Civil Rights Movement that has been ongoing for decades in America. Venus in Leo demands to be heard and seen. the 7th House is about partnerships and Venus here also indicates a strong desire for collaboration with a strong need for support from other groups and individuals in order to spread the message - and for it to reach its aim. What gets referred to as “the Black Lives Matter movement” is, in actuality, the collective labor of a wide range of Black liberation organizations, each holding their own distinct histories. These organizations include groups like the Black Youth Project 100, the Dream Defenders, Assata’s Daughters, the St. Louis Action Council, Millennial Activists United, and the Organization for Black Struggle, to name just a few.

  • Mars in Cancer, 5th House. Conjunct Jupiter and Black Moon Lilith. Mars is the planet of War and Aggression, it signifies what someone is willing to fight for; where they will stand their ground and say, "this is what I am going to stand up for". In the case of Mars in Cancer, there is an additional push of anger and feelings of injustice related to emotions, nurturing, mothering, and safety. Mars had just entered Cancer within a day or two of this event chart. Cancer energy has a reputation of tightly clinging to its ideals and feelings, and Mars arriving here at this time brings the courage to speak up about and fight for these feelings and ideals. Also noting here the presence of Black Moon Lilith - a mathematical point in astrology that relates to rebellion against oppression, feminism, wrath, and spitefulness. Lilith's presence in tight conjunction with Mars and Jupiter in Cancer should be mentioned - especially since #BlackLivesMatter has had strong female leadership from the very beginning. This is another placement indicating the anger and grief of a mother attempting to protect her children and their freedom.

  • Jupiter in Cancer, 5th House. Conjunct Mars and Lilith. Jupiter brings expansive awareness to whatever sign he is transiting, often forcing a sense of awakening and broadening of horizons or an expanded point of view. Jupiter also brings the energy of Luck, Justice, and Wisdom. This quote seems to highlight the nature of Jupiter in relation to #BLM - "Moreover, the broader cultural impact of BLM as a movement has been immeasurably expansive. BLM will forever be remembered as the movement responsible for popularizing what has now become an indispensable tool in 21st-century organizing efforts: the phenomenon that scholars refer to as “mediated mobilization.” By using the tools of social media, BLM was the first U.S. social movement in history to successfully use the internet as a mass mobilization device." From "How Black Lives Matter Changed The Way Americans Fight For Freedom"

  • Saturn in Scorpio, 9th House. Saturn relates to Structures, Boundaries, Responsibility, Limitations, and Conditioning. The presence of Saturn in a Chart operates both to show what kind of structures or boundaries are being created, and what types of structures and boundaries are being challenged. In this respect, Saturn in Scorpio is building structures and boundaries related to deep emotional needs while also challenging structures and boundaries that inhibit deep change. The Saturn in Scorpio influence on the BLM movement is asking people to challenge and break down social conditioning (systemic racism that has been too long accepted in our society) while also asking individuals to take responsibility for their own roles in this conditioning, and the work they need to do to move beyond it. Discussions on White Privilege and White Ally-ship have been a prevalent part of the BLM movement as all people are asked to examine their roles within the structure that allows racism to continue; and take ownership of our need to challenge those structures. Saturn at 4 degrees Scorpio is in an exact trine with Jupiter at 4 degrees Cancer, showing these two planets working in harmony to bring deep, lasting change. For further exploration of the concept of White Privilege I encourage you to read "Explaining White Privilege To a Broke White Person"

Outer Planets - the Generational Influence of Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto

  • Chiron in Pisces, 1st House. Chiron is "The Wounded Healer" and shows us the nature of a deep wounding that might not ever fully heal. However it is through the Chiron wound that healing manifests - sometimes for a purpose beyond the healing itself - often it gives a deep sense of empathy that allows healing to be brought to others or the world through this point of suffering. The wound itself creates a kind of medicine forged by the painful experience and influences the type of healing that can then be brought forth for having had this experience. Chiron in Pisces relates to a collective wound; a pain suffered by many and experienced at a deep spiritual level. The event chart having Pisces in the first House brings this wound to the forefront of the movement - it is after all ultimately about acknowledging, respecting, tending to, and healing a deep collective wound of the spirit. Chiron in Pisces brings forth a type of medicine that tries to support a spiritual and emotional pain - such as the healing of a deeply embedded trauma from ongoing emotional abuse and gaslighting. Chiron is particularly powerful in this chart because of its powerful trine to Mercury. Both Mercury and Chiron are retrograde in the event chart, amplifying the need forself-reflection, shadow work and deep personal reflection in order to push the movement forward.

  • Uranus in Aries, 2nd House. Uranus relates to the Collective Higher Consciousness, and the Collective drive for Revolution. Uranus is this event's "Chart Ruler", as the natural ruler of the Rising Sign Aquarius, so its placement is highly relevant to the movement. Uranus in Aries influenced a collective consciousness focused on revolution and change - primarily surrounding Identity Politics. Uranus in Aries brings justification to a sense of pride in one's personal identity, as well as a desire to push for and fight for justice related to that sense of identity. The collective voice of #BlackLivesMatter echoes the cries of an oppressed people who have experienced harm simply for existing with a certain color of skin - a voice that says it will not continue living this way! The resistance that BLM has met has also been influenced by Uranus in Aries, as we saw a large group of people expressing that they felt their identity was under attack as well - primarily white people in the deep south identifying with the confederate flag as a "symbol of their heritage" after Black people repeatedly asked them to stop displaying it. Uranus in Aries' influence means that this revolution feels personal to all parties. However, Uranus cares less about Personal Freedom than it does for what is better for the Good of Humankind, and Uranus' main function of revolution is always Humanitarian, not personal, by nature. Also interesting to note is the presence of the Asteroid Eris, at a 10 degree orb of Uranus. Eris represents Chaos and battle, often stemming from hurt feelings or a sense of one's pride being stepped on.

  • Neptune in Pisces, 1st House. Neptune is in Dominion in the sign of Pisces. It relates to the Collective Subconscious - our collective Spiritual Identity. Neptune is the ruler of dreams as well as delusions and in Pisces it has brought both spiritual awakening and mass disillusionment. We can no longer pretend that everything is fine, as Neptune in Pisces has helped lift some of the veils of delusion. However, it has also brought a strong desire to disconnect from reality, and a collective need for escapism to avoid the heaviness of a reality that is an extremely harsh place for the personal ego. As this movement continues, spiritual and emotional burnout have been prevalent, and spiritual and emotional self care continue to be vital for everyone who is fighting for the cause. Neptune at 5 degrees Pisces forms a powerful Grand Water Trine with Saturn at 4 degrees Scorpio and Jupiter at 4 degrees Cancer, also bound with Mars and Black Moon Lilith. This is a strong collaboration between all the planets in Water signs that very strongly influences the mood of the Black Lives Matter movement. Neptune is still in Pisces today.

  • Pluto in Capricorn, 11th House. Pluto moves slowly but brings deep change. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn we had the American Revolution and eventually wrote and signed our Declaration of Independence. Capricorn relates to government structures, social structures, the status quo, financial institutions, and rules or boundaries such as Authority figures. Pluto moving through Capricorn has slowly been revealing flaws in the system so that we can do the work to tear out the structures and groups no longer serving us and our current needs; to then build something better and stronger. There is a lot going on with Pluto in Capricorn worldwide, but this event chart really highlights Pluto's push for change in profound ways. First, Pluto is found in this event chart's 11th House. The 11th House is the realm of Aquarius and Uranus so any planet here is highly influential to this entire chart given its Aquarius Rising sign. Secondly, Capricorn is opposition to Cancer, so planets here oppose the Cancer planets (Sun, Mercury, Jupiter) Oppositions create tension and discomfort - but Pluto operates better under pressure; pressure and tension are what really bring change. This has an effect of pulling that 5th House Cancer activity to a "Higher Calling" of deep structural change within the 11th house Capricorn. Third, we have a powerful Pluto-Uranus Square in this event chart, highlighting yet another point of tension and pressure in the chart. Pluto is saying "Let's change this power structure" and Uranus is saying, "Yes, lets do that, but make it a REVOLUTION for HUMANITY" Capricorn energy can tend to feel impersonal but this Uranus square makes it personal and brings some fire to the Pluto's purpose. Another thing to note is that Pluto was retrograde in this event chart; Pluto is still in Capricorn today and just began his yearly retrograde period on April 24, a month before the 2020 George Floyd protests began.

I am working on Part 2 of this post, which will examine this Event Chart in relation to current transits. Stay tuned and please share if you feel called to do so, and see below for Donation Links! Let me know in a comment what if you have questions about any of the placements discussed.

DONATE NOW * 10 Black Lives Matter Organizations You can Donate To Right Now - a list of organizations recommended by Patrisse Cullors
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