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Deepen Your Spiritual Practice

There are times in our personal spiritual journey when we long for something more and might notice a longing to learn a new skill or take on a new practice to expand our experience.  If you are experiencing this longing, check out the courses available below to see if one of them calls to you.

Follow The Moon

Monthly Subscription - $5


We are strongly affected by the phases of the moon.  Each moon cycle will be different based on the season and other astrological factors.  Following the moon through her 28 day transit through each of the zodiac signs is a great way to get to understand Astrology and familiarize yourself with the Archetypes and how you interact with them on a personal level.  Learn astrology on a month-by month basis by following the signs and phases of the moon!  Following this course for 12 months will take you through the entire zodiac year and by comparison, it is like taking a moon-based Astrology course for just $60 (12 months at $5 each)​

Your Membership to Follow The Moon will include access to at least 2 monthly blog posts exploring the upcoming Full Moon or New Moon.  These blog posts are meant to inspire you and enable you to set your best intentions for the days ahead, learn more about yourself, and familiarize you with the energies of each zodiac sign through personal exploration.  They might include meditations, affirmations, or journal prompts to help you make the most out of each lunar cycle.

Follow The Planets
Monthly Subscription - $10



In addition to following the movements of the Moon, explore what the other planets of the zodiac represent and discover what they might be teaching you.  12 months of this will greatly enhance your understanding of Astrology. 

This membership level includes:


* A "Planet of The Month" post which will introduce you to a planet's energy, lessons, and mythologies.  We will also explore what that planet is currently doing in the zodiac sky and what it might mean for you.  
* At least one other Monthly "Planetary Check In" post that will look at any important current transits of the planets (not just the planet of the month)
* Additional planetary-based guidance such as meditations, affirmations, journal prompts, or personal challenges that you can choose to use as a way to enhance your development of a personal relationship with the planets

*10% off any of my services, including: Astrology Reports, Tarot or Oracle Card Readings, Reiki healing sessions, and online Courses. 


After 12 months, this would be the equivalent of a full Astrology course for just $120

Follow Your Inner Light
Monthly Subscription - $20



This level of Membership is highly personalized and has the most benefit.  You will have access to both the Follow the Moon and the Follow The Planets content, Plus TWO personal monthly check ins with me as your Personal Astrologer.  We'll look at your Natal Chart together and explore different aspects of it each month in tandem with the moon cycle and the planetary transits.  
This level is a combination of an astrology class and spiritual Life-Coaching sessions as we go deep in exploring your birth chart and your personal relation to each planet.

* 2 LIVE check ins a month (the week before the full moon and the week before the new moon)  These will be 20 to 40 minute long one on one sessions by phone, facebook messenger, video chat OR by email if our schedules won't allow a live session.  Together we will look at the moon cycle and current planetary positions and compare them to your natal chart.  This allows for enhanced personalized goal-setting, a deeper understanding of your natal chart, and recognition of any lessons or challenges that you may be facing so that you can make the most of your personal growth.  

* A private written report (email) that will explore the Planet of the Month as it appears in your natal chart (Sign, House, and Aspects) as well as a deeper look at that planet's current position and what it means for you.


* A 20% discount on all my other services including tarot and oracle card readings, Reiki sessions, and Courses.


* At this time I can only commit to having 5 personal clients a month.  If spots are full, consider ordering a full Astrological Report or a Mini Transit Report from my website.

Hestia & Vesta Devotion Course

This course is designed for those who are drawn to learn about and work more closely with the Goddess of the Hearth and Home.  Through mythology, ritual, astrology, and energy work you'll learn about yourself and service to others combined with self care.  The course includes:

  •  a 29 page e-book on Hestia and Vesta,

  • a personalized Astrology Reading focusing on areas in your chart that relate to Hestia and the Sacred Flame

  • Attunement & Certification in a form of Energy Healing called "The Gems of Hestia and Vesta"

  • Access to a free private facebook group with additional information and likeminded people exploring working with Hestia

Usui Reiki Level 1 Certification

Learn the art of Energy Healing by earning your Level 1 certification in Usui Reiki.  This gentle and universal healing form allows the practitioner to send Healing Life Force Energy from their hands to themselves, others, animals, and places or objects.  Are you ready to begin your journey as an Energy Healer?  Click below to learn more and enroll!