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Hestia's Muse

Building the Hearth Fire with Heart and Purpose
Astrological Guidance for a Balanced Life

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Goddess of the Hearth Fire

Hestia is the Goddess of Home and Hearth.  It is Her duty to keep the Hearth fire lit at all times for her brothers and sisters – the other Gods of Olympus.  Fire is representative of wisdom, knowledge, purity, energy, power, purification or cleansing, warmth, and survival.

Hestia's lessons are of Service and Devotion; giving one's energy to a cause that is bigger than the individual's needs.  When we tend to our home we are tending to all who live there - past, present and future.

Yet Hestia also teaches us of Self-care.  We must tend to our own needs and keep ourselves healthy.  We must tend to our own inner fire before we can tend to the external fires or help others.  

As a Devotee of Hestia, I enjoy sharing her messages of self care, service, and fire-tending with others.  Click 'Learn More' to see more ways you can connect with Hestia and tend your own Inner Flame.

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