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Goddess of the Hearth Fire


Wendy has been a great teacher in my reiki studies. Between the material I have been given and the hands on training she's given me I have learned a lot. I don't think I would have had the same understanding if I hadn't been taught by Wendy. Ten out of ten would recommend.

Amber Young

I highly recommend Hestia's Muse's services, I have been a loyal client & student for a few years I can't begin to express how wonderful my experiences with this business are. I love the unique teaching style, mentoring and resources for Level 1-2 reiki courses, the Faery reiki session I had was super intense and just as insightful, as the min astrology reading which brought much to the light on planetary support and where lacking in some areas. Wendy is very knowledgable and really knows how to put things in elementary terms with the astrological terms that must have most folks going "huh" in regards to square here or a ascending Gemini in 7th house etc. Hestia Muse also offers card readings to help bring clarity I do suggest them to help guide to another way of viewing situations with present issues. I cannot express enough how thrilled I am with Hestia's Muse's services and I hope everyone can experience the services of interest to be offered. "

Zach Smith

I had a tarot reading today given by Wendy from Hestia's Muse. I am no stranger to readings having had many over a number of decades I can say without hesitation that this was the best reading I ever had done. It was very insightful and guided me exactly where I needed to go. She described my situation and thinking processes to a T. She actually did 2 readings for different aspects of my situation and both were a powerful healing tool. I am very impressed and recommend her highly.

Marnie Simmonds