Usui Reiki Level 1 Certification Course

Usui Reiki is an Energy Healing system that empowers the practitioner to send pure Life Force energy through their hands to themselves and others.  This energy is soothing, relaxing, nourishing and can help activate the body's healing process.  People have reported relief from stress, pain, headaches, and depression from Reiki sessions as well as quicker healing time from illness or injury.  Reiki can also help with balancing the chakras, clearing the aura, and removing emotional or spiritual blocks.  Are you feeing called to learn how to efficiently and safely channel this Healing energy?

I believe that learning and practicing Reiki can be a beautiful, empowering, and life changing process!  Having support throughout the process is important because Reiki isn’t simply something you learn – it is something you DO, and BECOME.  My Reiki attunement courses are designed as a mentorship program – with Tarot and Oracle Card readings and Reiki Healing sessions INCLUDED.

I also believe that Reiki should be accessible to anyone who wants to learn it.  For this reason my attunement courses will always be affordable, and available for in-person OR online learning. These courses will also be designed for you to do at your own pace so you are never rushed or “behind”.

Reiki Level 1 Attunement Course includes:

  • PDF Manual

  • email support and guidance

  • 1 Distant Reiki Healing sessions

  • 1 Oracle and/or Tarot Card Reading

  • Your attunement – Distant or In Person

  • Access to private facebook group with additional helpful information for energy healers

Available Now! Spring Course Available May 2020 thru July 2020

Limited Space Available per season, act soon to reserve your place!

This course is only $75.00

email me at with Reiki Level 1 Course as the subject line.  I will email you with  details and an invoice for the course.  Please enroll no later than MARCH 27, 2020 for this current session.

* A note on prices

It is very important to me that this course is accessible to anyone, regardless of income.  If you find that this price is an obstacle to you, please apply for a scholarship or discount HERE.

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