I have complied here a simple online course for anyone who is interested in getting to know the Goddess Hestia better.  Including the stories of Hestia found in Myth and Legend (as well as her Roman conterpart, Vesta), Her Lessons and Mysteries, Rituals and simple ways to work with Her on a personal level.  Hestia can guide you to make any part of your life a Devotional practice such as: Sacred Housekeeping, Sacred Fire Tending, Holding Space, Cooking and Serving Others, and even Sacred Sexuality.


The course also includes a personalized Astrology reading and an attunement to an Energy Healing system called "The Gems of Hestia and Vesta".  This is not an official Dedication course or Initiation rite, though I do include information and a ritual for those who wish to Dedicate themselves to Hestia after completing this course. This course is also more suited for those who are already familiar with basic concepts of Witchcraft - practicing Ritual and working with Deity - (though those are not requirements ) and those who identify as Witches, Pagans, or Occult Practitioners.

Hestia & Vesta Devotion Course